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Inspired Overseas is an authorized partner of British Council and among the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, we have been assisting students prepare IELTS and achieving high bands. We are highly rated for IELTS Coaching, which is highly recommended by student’s in our testimonials. We are also popular for the PTE preparation with high scores of PTE aspirants. Due to our most students consistently doing well in PTE test, our PTE coaching is rated as the best in the vicinity. Our PTE training fee is affordable and value for money as you clear your PTE test in the first go. Avail our Superior Guidance as the best Overseas Consultant in Delhi. Inspired Overseas has been the first choice for Students residing in Delhi. IELTS training program at Inspired Overseas is a mix of comprehensive yet simple techniques to crack the IELTS exam in the first attempt with higher bands. Its one-stop to get the right guidance and preparation as it opens doors to many academic and professional opportunities in regions worldwide. The students enrolled in IELTS coaching are evaluated regularly to make sure that they don’t lose touch with the preparation of the exam. Our course is designed to help applicants in improving grammar, writing skills, listening skills, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, increased attention and communication skills. Inspired Overseas conducts regular training programs to enhance the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills that ensures student success in the IELTS Exam. There are customized sessions available at Inspired Overseas, you can choose between online training and classroom training. Our IELTS trainers are the most astounding and perhaps, excellent in the industry and have been training students to score the highest band scores effectively.

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Test Prep

Aspirants desiring to venture out to a foreign country either for a career change or to study abroad are required to get either IELTS or PTE score based on the Country’s requirement. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which evaluates the language skill of a candidate who wants to study or work abroad, predominantly for a country where English is the language of communication. Employers and Universities around the world recognize the IELTS examination to be a benchmark for assessing a candidate’s ability in the English language. Here are a few Language Eligibility Tests required to Study Abroad.

IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is the world’s most popular English Language proficiency test required for higher education and international migration.


The Duolingo English Test is an online assessment which is conducted on the personal computer of the student who is taking the test. The test is assessed on four skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, just like IELTS. The test is for 1 hour.


PTE is accepted for student and migration applications across the world. Besides its unbiased approach to testing, the test has many unique advantages.


The Inspired Edge

If you are searching for the best IELTS Coaching in Delhi, you have landed on the right page. Our high-end training classes are interactive in every way that Students get personalized attention from our expert faculty. Students aspiring to study or work abroad expect their IELTS coaching to be of world-class. One-on-one interaction with faculty, our trainers provide the best quality tips and educate you on the techniques to excel and attain maximum bands in a limited time-frame. The method of teaching is so innovative that everything taught helps to crack the IELTS examination in the first attempt. Far from the race of becoming the top institute, Inspireducation focuses on the success of its students. Here are a few highlights of Our IELTS.

1) Tips & Strategy Booklets

Get Expert Tips and Techniques for all 4 Modules through our series of Tutorials. Custom Designed Materials where Plethora of unique custom-made resources crafted comprehensively to train students for real time exam. The test is designed to assess your ability in Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading.

2) Extra Support in Grammar & Vocabulary

Practice a set of Grammar & Vocabulary, curated to make students well versed in English. Helping students Strengthening on their language skills by applying our unique methods. We offer specialist advice and personalized doubt-solving time for Grammar & Vocabulary assistance.

3) Handouts & Mock Test for each module

Practice premium quality course material which imitate actual Exam & give real time Test Experience. The IELTS practice materials we provide are unique and beneficial. Mock Tests are conducted every weekend. Mock Tests designed adhering to the standards of the original exam. Master Session or Pre-exam session for analysis of strength and weakness is conducted and beneficial tips are given to students on all four modules.

4) B2B Partners with British Council & PTE Academic

Get Fast and Convenient access to British Councils Exam booking & result portal. Students can find their nearest test centers. IELTS Test booking can be done online by registering and making the payment with an ID Proof. Students Book their IELTS Test online with our authorized Partners for the final test dates. IELTS Tests are conducted on multiple dates each year. The IELTS test is designed by a group of specialists who ensures that the test is realistic and unbiased for any candidate regardless of their gender, background, lifestyle, location or nationality.

5) Dynamic Training Faculty

Benefit from the experience and expertise of the IELTS Trainers. Students can learn and follow best strategies for improved performance with the help of experienced Trainers. Certified by British Council in IELTS and PTE our Trainers are qualified to teach & help prepare for the IELTS and other English Proficiency exams and achieve required bands. You will be guided by the PTE Master Trainers, with years of experience and expertise. You receive the best quality teaching that is conducive to learning. Book a demo with our experienced and trained trainers. Don’t delay, Act now!!

6) Flexible Batches

One can Choose from multiple batches available throughout the day. Special Fast Track batches are also available If someone is re-appearing for the test. Personalized attention given to Students as 4 to 5 students in a class. Our certified trainers also assist in Fast track training programs. Applicants who are lacking somewhat in their preparation or anyone who needs guidance from the Experts on a specific topic to clear the doubts! Applicants who are comfortable in group learning and want to exchange ideas with fellow students generally opt for Classroom sessions as it is the ideal platform to explore and resolve all your doubts!

7) Online Classes

If you are Stuck between everyday chores and have no time to join the sessions? That’s the place for you! To fix your problems, convert your learning sessions to get the most out of Online Coaching. With the Online Coaching, you can save time on commuting back and forth from the coaching center. You can avail all the benefits of cracking the Exam from wherever you are. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer or a Laptop. Our trainers provide the best quality tips and educate you on how to outshine and attain maximum bands in a limited time frame with No geographical limitations. In Flexible Learning you can access from anywhere Online – Personalized training offers our one-to-one sessions or Group Coaching. Generally, the session is of 2 hours with our Expert. You can Clear your doubts and grab the hacks! To fix your problems, one can Alter your learning sessions to get the most out of Online Coaching. Teaching with a real-time classroom setting is more synergistic.

8) Offline / Classroom Session

Every single student would be interested in getting complete attention in the courses, we offer specialist advice and personalized doubt-solving time. Group Coaching consists of a batch of few students who get classroom Teaching for a few weeks with the Trainer. Classroom Coaching follows a defined study schedule where you receive Pro tricks and advice. Students can measure their daily feedback output and enhance their scores! Personalized coaching offers 3 days of our group or one-to-one sessions in a week. In the 2-hour session students can Clear their doubts and grab the hacks! If students have any specific queries or doubts, the Expert is available promptly. This Session is an Intensive method of learning where students get the chance to learn the strategies for all 4 Modules. In addition to that students get special attention for practice tests and Question Bank!