Our responsibility as education consultants is not just to provide easily available study opportunities in top rated institutions for the students. We must take up the responsibility to ensure that today’s graduates stretch themselves and take the necessary training & acquire skills that they shall need to be tomorrow’s leaders. It’s an investment.

-English Proficiency-

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers, for study, work or migration abroad.

Our personalized training has proven well among the students to achieve desired results. Our trainer takes the initiative to familiarize every student individually thoroughly with the IELTS test format with the help of 

  • Personalized attention.
  • Small batches. 
  • Regular mock test. 

Our IELTS training is designed in order to optimize the student’s potential in all four modules of the IELTS exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing with the help of:

  • Extensive Study material.
  • Well-equipped IELTS classroom.
  • Separate IELTS Academic and General Training module as per individuals requirements.



This is your life altering decision, our job is to present the opportunities and support for you to achieve your goals.

  • Get counselling on study abroad options from Experienced Counselors who have been international students themselves and focus on:
  • University and Course selection (Based on personal financial and academic profile).
  • Direct meeting with university representatives during frequent events.
  • Previous student interaction.

-Course & Institution Selection-

Selecting the right Country and University can be very grueling and complicated.

  • Our Counsellors help you choose from a wide range of programs from undergraduate to postgraduate programs.
  • Our counselors share their experience as they have been international students themselves.
  • University selection (Based on personal financial and academic profile).
  • Personalized counseling session. Shortlisting

-Assistance, Reviewing & Submission in the Application Process-

Each institution is different in their process, we understand the documentation and can support you.

  • After selecting the right university & program it is very important to start the application process at the right time with guidance.
  • Applying within the application deadlines and recommend to apply well in advance
  • Assistance in writing statement of purpose.
  • Providing the Universities the right document and in the desired format.

-Visa Application-

We are experts in this field, let alone more than 4000+ students would not have gone through us – otherwise.

  • High visa success rate
  • Accurate student visa information
  • Mock Interview preparation


We do understand that it a real challenge to settle in a new country all alone our

counselors make sure that you landing is comfortable and smooth.

  • Connecting you to previous students who are already there.
  • Providing extensive packing list that cater to all your requirements.
  • Meetings with University & College Representatives that will guide you once you reach.