Ireland Visa


Post Study Work Permit in Ireland: Once you have finished your studies in Ireland, Students generally desire to stay back a little longer and consider taking up a job to gain invaluable work experience in their related field of study as part of their post-study work visa plan. Students apply for a non-renewable extension up to 2 years post course completion. This extension is granted for the purpose of searching suitable employment which will only strengthen their Resume and will help establish your career once you decide to come back to your home country. This arrangement is in place to let legally resident non-EU third level graduates to stay in Ireland in order to search for employment or apply for a green card/work permit. During their approved stay under this scheme, a student can work full-time (40 hours a week). If you are registered as a full-time student, with an Irish approved degree, and have the Visa Stamp 2 students may qualify for the Third Level Graduate Scheme. Students can apply for a green card (renamed Critical Skills Employment Permit) or work permit (renamed General Employment Permit) later on.


Ireland is a favourable study destination among international students as compared to other countries due the highly reputed Irish Education System, extensive choice of courses, also low educational costs and its wide range of work opportunities. Ireland has its own sets of guidelines while applying for a student visa.

International and Indian students from outside the EU need a study visa depending on the degrees and courses you wish to study and in accordance with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services. Students are advised to apply for the Ireland student visa up to 3 months before your traveling date to Ireland.

International students who are enrolled for the course that lasts less than 3 months must apply for a ‘C-Study Visa’. International students undertaking full-time courses on the Provisional List of Eligible Programmes are required to obtain a ‘D-Study Visa’ for entering Ireland.

  • Short-stay ‘C’ Study Visa for entry into Ireland (less than 90 days) The short-stay C visa is a training visa that allows students to come to Ireland to attend a training course for professional progress for a short period of 90 days. This training visa does not permit work, paid or unpaid.
  • Long Stay ‘D’ Study visa for entry into Ireland (more than 90 days) An international student generally applies to a D study visa when planning to stay in Ireland.

The processing time, generally of the student visa Ireland is up to 4-8 weeks from the date of application. Students are recommended to apply for the Ireland student visa up to 3 months before your traveling date to Ireland. This generally increases the chances of getting approved and gives sufficient time to re-apply in case the visa gets rejected. It is important that students go through the Ireland student visa checklist twice before submitting the application. The application may take longer if the applicant has not submitted all necessary supporting documentation.