University Transfer Program

University Transfer programs are offered through Canadian colleges and specialized technical institutes that have understandings or associations with the Universities. In Canada, many students have an option on a flexible option called the University Transfer Program. These figure out which of the college’s projects or programs are transferable to a degree program, where a student may move to, and which courses will apply towards the degree. Students can browse a wide choice of University Transfer programs across Canada, including Business, Commerce, Journalism, Arts, Education, Engineering, Science, and Computer Science. The selection of programs or projects, just as the university a student may move to, will shift by the college. These give students the convenience of taking the first two years of a typical four-year university degree at a college, before transferring to complete the final two years of the degree at university.

Students feel University Transfers more engaging and exciting on the grounds that they offer an opportunity to appreciate the benefits of a college education. Advantages of studying university transfer program comprise:

  • Same courses and quality as a university.
  • Educators are amicable and supportive and are available to meet students requiring additional support.
  • Small class sizes mean individual attention to each student and a closer relationship with instructors and classmates. Students will see a higher GPA as a result.
  • Tuition fees are lower for the same courses as a university.
  • The same tuition per credit, regardless of faculty.

Intakes Available

The academic year for several Universities in Canada is within the months September-fall and a couple of colleges offer January (winter) intakes. However, a couple courses also begins in April-summer. Complete college application procedure could take quite a few months in total. There are different deadlines for applying for various courses, and to different universities relevant to courses you’re interested in.

English Requirement

A minimum score of 6.0 not less than 6.0 for IELTS (Academic)/ above 80 scores in TOEFL is typically required for admission in undergraduate courses in the colleges. University Transfer Program students need to complete the university level English courses required by the University. Through this, they do not need to present a proficiency exam result, like IELTS or TOEFL to the new university when they move or transfer. Different colleges and universities require a particular score depending on each program offered.

Admission Documents

  • All the academic documents including Xth, XIIth and Bachelor Degree
  • Two Letter of Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Work Experience Documents if applicable
  • Resume
  • Any certificates and achievement documents.

Expense of Study

Education costs may fluctuate depending upon the institutions, programs, and courses. However, college charges or fees are usually more reasonable for students as opposed to universities.

Some students can pay up to three times less per credit in the University Transfer Program than they would in a Bachelor’s degree program at a university. That is why planning is an essential piece of the process.